Design and production of precast structures for the Assaluyeh Sulfur Export and Service Craft Harbor in Bushehr Province

This jetty was built with caisson-precast pieces designed by Iranian engineers and installed by a special 1250 ton-meters capacity gantry crane. The crane was also designed and manufactured by Iranians experts. These caissons were installed within 10 months in deep water of 11.5 meters in two rows of 440 meters long for the first time.

Advantages of such caisson type jetty include durability, speed of construction, reduced cost and utilizing domestic supply.

Construction of this harbor and jetty has been a crucial project in the South Pars Gas Field Region that has given services to berthing of cargo ships and barges to load and unload millions of tons of various goods and heavy equipment for projects in the region.

A breakwater was built at this harbor in which precast tetrapod, antifer and a verity of other concrete parts were used. All these parts and the caissons were produced in an automated prefabricating unit and used at project site. Precast parts include 722 pieces of caissons weighing about 21000 tons, 16900 tetrapod pieces weighing from 3.3 to27 tons each and altogether 173,600 tons, 5000 pieces of antifer each weighing 14 tons, and 3700 tons of other different pieces.






Deck Piece