Why join Perlite?

As one of the leading contractors and civil construction companies in Iran, Perlite has endeavored to provide continued synergy for the Company and its personnel by placing talented and skilled experts at different positions.

Following its slogan of "Continued Improvement" and the vital role of personnel in this regard, Perlite has offered required training and thus has made best use of their creativity and innovations in teamwork. This way Perlite has prepared the grounds for its personnel’s intellectual, skill and career development.

Variety of headquarter units and high level projects at Perlite created special conditions for development of its personnel capabilities. This variety provides opportunities for personnel to find suitable and practical procedures together with creative methods and play their role for the work progress.

Abiding by a two-way interaction, emphasis on work soundness, supplying salaries and benefits of personnel and continued training are among Perlite’s commitments to its employees.

Believing in professionalism and engineering ethics including reciprocal respect, honesty, responsibility, and relying on its work force and creative personnel; Perlite has been able to build great infra-structure projects.


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