Plant design management system is a comprehensive, intelligent computer-aided design/engineering (CAD/CAE) application for plant design, construction and operations. Production-driven, it widely used in power, oil & gas production & processing, petroleum refining, petroleum
Storage & transportation, chemicals & petrochemicals, sugar, paper and chemical industries for the best possible design – and do it more efficiently to reduce the total installed cost of the project.
PDMS has been the key plant design tool on some of the largest, most complex process plant engineering projects ever undertaken. It has also been implemented with equal success on smaller projects, where it has proven to be extremely cost-effective.


To support the design process, PDMS features a full range of intelligent engineering applications, which utilize the full power of database-held catalogues and design rules.



These applications include:
• Piping design

• Structural design
• Industrial Building Design
• Hangers & Support Design
• Access, Stairs & Ladders modelling
• Equipment design
• Panels & Plates design
• Electrical cable trays design
• HVAC design

Key Features and Benefitspdms2
• Interactive design using full color-shaded 3D models, enabling users to easily visualize the plant throughout the design process.

• No limits on project size or complexity - suitable for use on the smallest refit revision to the largest green field project.

• A proven integrated graphics database, providing users with a concurrent design environment, where the data is both accurate and consistent across the project.

• With a full complement of integrated, multi-discipline engineering applications, users can work within a controlled multi-user and multi-write access environment - enhancing both productivity and access to data.

• Comprehensive administration module, enabling users and project teams to have access rights appropriate to any project configuration.pdms3

• Projects are initiated much earlier in the design cycle, through the supply of a comprehensive set of industry standard catalogues.

• With all drawings, isometrics and reports generated directly from the 3D model, documentation is available instantly, on demand.

• Session management capability, enables project highlighting facilities.

• Using a customizable graphical user interface and a powerful object-oriented macro language, users can easily extend applications to meet company working procedures and standards.


Some of the services provided by the Perlite in the context of its EPC projects are as follows:
Engineering (E)epc

• Detailed Engineering
• Reinforced concrete structures
• Steel structures
• Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing services (MEP)
• Architectural
• Infrastructure

Procurement (P)

• International procurement of building and MEP materials
• International procurement of sanitary installation materials
•  International procurement of process equipment
• International logistics of process equipment for large-scale EPC contracts

Construction (C)

• All types of construction works, including piling, concrete works, structural steel works, pipe installation, equipment assembly, painting, insulation, instrumentation, electrical installation, earthworks, MEP works, assembly works, etc.