Precast Concrete Elements Production Facilities

Perlite has two hollow core production units, each with a capacity of 2000 sq meters per day (720,000 sq meters per year). These were bought from Elematic Company which is one of famous international manufacturers.

These units can produce hollow cores with 250, 300 and 400 mm thickness 10, 12 and 16 m long, respectively, and 1.20 m wide. In addition to production with normal width (1.20), it is possible to produce specially designed parts with smaller width (length-cut), with opening, corner-cut and cross cut. Choice of suitable aggregate mix for hollow core concrete in these units lead to reduction of water in the concrete and speeded curing, thus it makes it possible to load and install them at shortest possible time.

Perlite’s hollow core units are equipped as follows:

1. Foundations of Casting Beds including 11 production lines 150m each 9 total 1650m) made from best steel alloys, which makes hollow core surfaces very smooth that can be finally painted as finished surface.
2. Two sets of Bed Master EL400
3. Two tensioning hydraulic jacks
4. Three E9 Extruders
5. Two Cutting Machines EL 1300
6. A fully automatic Maturity Control set for concrete curing
7. A complete set of Bundle Lifting Clamps