Pergas Factory
Pergas Manufacturing took speedy steps to produce a variety of rebar shapes and networks with accurate dimensions and angles as design requirements. Maximum tolerance is 1 mm in length and 1 degree in angles. Manufacturing adheres to ACI and IBI (Iran Concrete) Standards.
Fully automated CNC machines cut and shape rebar pieces cost efficiently and without need for the work force to stay on project site. Design and manufacture of special parts, combination of rebar lengths, optimizing length cuts and capability to cut and bend rebar sizes up to 50 mm and ties up to 18 mm using mechanical connections and end-to-end welding has reduced rebar consumption up to 30 per cent and in some cases reduced volume and weight of concrete material.
As a result, these capabilities caused better use of space, light and strong structures. Pergas, being under the umbrella of Perlite Company which is a leading construction company in Iran, endeavors to play its role in the area of design and build of concrete structures.
It is proud to introduce itself as the first mass producer of different rebar pieces and tied networks ready for installation in concrete structures. Technology, automated fleet of machinery and technical competence of human resources support Pergas to achieve its goals.