Message of the Managing Director

As the managing director of Perlite Company, I can proudly announce that during the past 33 years, Perlite Company has served the country and the engineering community by completing numerous infrastructure projects throughout our beloved country Iran. None of these could be achieved without the following policies and principles which we all adhered to:

• Maximum reliance on our local facilities and resources, believing in innovations and creativity of the Iranian engineers and experts, promoting new ideas such as use of precast concrete segments as formwork, taking advantage of equipment and machinery developed by the talented and skilled local engineers, paying special attention to the quality and lifelong durability of the projects, practicing cost and time saving policies, and ultimately boosting the localization of technology.

• Reliance on Iranian capacity, talent and innovation, and benefit from local young human resources, led and inspired by our experienced staff and predecessors to achieve the completion of immense and complex projects.

• Perusing the best solutions for complex projects by conceptualizing the process and adjusting the work to local culture. This resulted in successful completion of the projects.

We all believe in a team work that combined sympathy, sincerity, enthusiasm, as well as compassion for each and every team member.
We all try to motivate each other and believe in being devoted to the tasks assigned to us.
We all trust in God and consider Him in our daily work and exercise the above notions to the best of our abilities. We all rely on assistance from our fellow team members and colleagues at
Perlite, and believe that none of the achievements such as completion of huge infrastructure
projects could be done if it was not for such a good collaboration amongst us all.
For the future we all hope for much greater success to be realized by Perlite Company through continuous efforts of our valued colleagues.